The Battle of Saint-Gotthard (Mogersdorf)

Kaland&Játék - Battle of Saint-Gotthard (Mogersdorf)



Released: 2015

Languages: Hungarian, Slovenian (coming soon)

Moving around: by car, by bike or on foot

Endgame on interactive plotting board or online





On the 1st day of August, 1664, the Battle of Saint-Gotthard (Mogersdorf) resulted in a serious defeat for the Ottoman army. But even today, historians disagree in what was the reason behind a surprising decision of the war council headed by general Montecuccoli, which ultimately led to the success of the European allied forces. If it was Montecuccoli at all who made that decision...
The investigation starts on a special interactive plotting board, then it will take you to the site of the battle,  including spots on the Austrian side of the river-bend. What is more – Jonathan Hunt will also be there!

(Featuring: László Görög)


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